Meet Betsy & Susan:

Who are we and what's our philosophy...

We are two experienced event managers who have teamed together to provide excellent service to our clients.  We have been working together since 2002 when Betsy, the then Director of Operations and Events hired Susan to be the Director of Member Development at the largest business organization in Vermont.  We have each been managing events for corporate and non profit clients independently since 2006.  Over the course of those years we have both worked for clients independently and as a team to bring the best of both our expertise to the client.  In 2017 we officially launched as a portal to our combined event management resources and history.

We work well together because we both adhere to the same mantra:   "Do whatever it takes to get the job done right while treating everyone well; focus on the big picture while ensuring that every single detail is correct."  We recognize and acknowledge that every client and event is unique and therefore our implementation of each event is unique to the needs of that client.  We listen to our clients throughout the planning process to ensure that the event they attend is the event they envisioned.

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Betsy Cabrera

Betsy brings 25 years’ experience to the table in event management, volunteer management, and operations and logistics.   After thirteen years as an event and operations manager for two of Vermont’s largest trade and business organizations she has been servicing her own event clients since 2006.   She has organized state and national public vendor shows, awards programs, charity fundraisers and business conferences.  She has also organized international trade missions with both business people and official delegates including Vermont’s sitting Governor and representatives from Vermont’s US Senate offices.   When not planning events Betsy spends her time snowboarding, mountain biking, reading, and spending time with her family.

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Susan Fayette

Susan brings over 15 years of proven results in event planning, non-profit management, sales and marketing. Susan spent eight years at Vermont’s largest Chamber of Commerce developing money making programs, recruiting members and creating stellar member events.  Susan has received national awards for her achievements.  In 2010 Susan started her own non-profit management and events management company.  She has worked with national industry leaders in education, pharmaceuticals, and corporations, sitting Governors, and local authorities as well as local industry leaders and high level executives.  When not helping her clients manage their events Susan can be found in a Crossfit gym or out on the lake with her family.